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NFIB Small Business Survey

Chart of the Week for May 17, 2019 - May 23, 2019

U.S. small business optimism has been increasing in early 2019.

NFIB publishes a monthly seasonally adjusted index (Small Business Survey) that is derived from a large sample of its small business members. Among the 10 topics included in the survey are: plans to increase employment, plans to make capital expenditures, expect economy to improve, current job openings, and is now a good time to expand. Economists see the survey as a good representation of the health of small businesses, which represent about 50 percent of the nation's workforce.

The April 2019 Small Business Survey increased for the third consecutive month. After reaching a recent high value in August 2018, it generally declined through January 2019. For April 2019, increases were noted in survey categories including expect the economy to improve and now is a good time to expand. Economists note that the current status of trade negotiations and tariffs with China could have a large impact on small business optimism.

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